Boudoir Bravery

Those of you who know me personally, know that showing love and being intimate is hard for me. I'm not a "hugger" as we call it in my family. We don't share our feelings and especially not our weaknesses. Being intimate is being vulnerable and its scary. Eventually you get hurt. Sometimes by others, yourself, or even just circumstance. Some how I think being quiet and reserved with feeling will somehow protect me. The truth is, I missed out on extraordinary experiences. 

We shoot women in an intimate setting, wearing intimates, so ultimately we become intimate. Clients open up to us and share fears about their bodies and challenges they’ve faced in their past. They trust us, and become truly vulnerable with us.

What good would I be to anyone with a hard heart? I think God called me to do what I do. Many would argue that its not a Christian calling, but I'm not interested in that battle. I only know what is self evident, each day my heart becomes a bit softer. I learn bravery from these women I meet. Each one of them come to me willing, and each one of them leave an impression. 

It’s not something we can explain to our family and friends. Only other boudoir photographers understand what I mean. These moments we get to share make us feel more than just lucky. We are blessed.

Why? Because, during that moment, when my client is sharing her feelings with me. I see her. She is so courageous. Each story inspires me. Bravery is earned, it comes from trials big and small.

Thank you will never be enough. Each one of you will never know how much you truly mean to me. I am so incredibly moved by you.  I can only hope to paint that portrait of your courage in my images.

I'll never be able to repay you, but AdoraLee will always support women's causes. Our charitable fundraising packages lead the way donating 68 percent of the session fee. Let us know if we can help a cause you are passionate about. 

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