Fitness together! Celebrating with a couple's boudoir shoot

They are so gorgeous right? Well they work damn hard at it! This sweet couple scheduled their shoot a day after a competitive fitness show. A great way to celebrate their accomplishments and their love!

While I haven't personally step foot in a gym in a year. My husband and I used to work out together daily. There are so many benefits to hitting the gym with your spouse, but my favorite may be the showers together afterward!

All naughty hints aside, working out is beneficial for your health! It’s also beneficial for your relationship and here’s why:

1.       More time together! How many times have we wanted more date nights, more time together? This is the perfect chance for some quality time. Watch out for sweaty snuggles though!!!

2.       Impressing your partner. Believe it or not, you’ll push one more rep to impress your spouse. You will hold each other accountable for your commitments and some of you may even want to compete with each other a little.

3.       SEX. Exercise induces the physiological systems of arousal like increased pulse, sweaty hands, and shortness of breath.   Making it pretty easy to fall into bed afterward.

couples fitness

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