You may be envisioning a celebrity with a fan and a backdrop and all these cameras 180 degrees around them? You may not be the “Celebrity” type, but you deserve to be treated like one, and you will be even more convinced after a day in our studios. Just come with clean, dry hair, clean and moisturized skin, and an open mind and we will take care of the rest.


Y O U . A R E . W O R T H. I T



You’re Nervous In Front Of A Camera

Imagine this, there won’t be a lens. We set our cameras down and we have some down to earth one on one real talk before I even pick up my camera. There is nothing to capture if we don’t have you in a raw and pure state of mind that is ready to share their emotions and story with us.

You’ve Never Done It Before

Our first-time client’s have the most fun, and a lot of them come back at least one more time for our full session collections



We know that feeling! A bit out of touch with who you were, who you want to be? A boudoir shoot can help you reconnect with that person. It’s all about seeing yourself from someone else’s lens.

You Can Honestly Search Your Camera Roll And Find Less Than 10 Photos Of JUST YOU!

You also can think about all the money you have spent on photography (family photos, school photos, sports team photos). None of those include JUST YOU.


You’re Single And Living Your Best Life

Before you dive into another relationship, you’ve taken a minute to focus on you. Good girl! There’s nothing better than being happy all on your own. Savor this independence!

You Lost Weight (or gained it, or it’s still there)

You don’t have to lose weight (or get into any kind of shape) before booking your shoot. No matter what your weight is, We will take care of you! With this said, your photos will be absolutely stunning with our professional guidance.

You Are Often Comparing Yourself To Other Women

And surely you have seen boudoir photos of other women and compared yourself to them, too. We all do it. ALL OF US. But when you’re on the other side of the camera, something special happens. You start to understand all the ways that you’re beyond compare. And every time you look at your own boudoir photos, it will be a reminder of JUST that, which changes your perception FOREVER. It is actually kinda addictive, naturally. RACHEL HOLLIS says it best, COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY!


You’re Getting Married

Probably the most common reason women book a boudoir session. Our “little black book” albums will make your significant other feel like they’re in on your best kept secret, YOU in all your confident glory!


You Want To Spice Up Your Marriage Or Relationship

Disclaimer: a boudoir shoot won’t fix your marriage or relationship. What we have found proven: It will change the perception you have on yourself, in return give you a new energy which has been proven to attract your significant other!


It’s Your Wedding Anniversary

I love watching the same brides come in for their first wedding anniversary gift. Whether you’ve been married for a year or 30 years, a boudoir album is the perfect way to say, “You’re still the one.”

You’re getting a divorce. But you’re not an ex-wife. You’re a present woman. Take the high road, do it for YOU, and you will look back on these years with a smile on your face.

You’re Pregnant

Capturing this moment in time is all I have to say. Coming from a MAMA herself, it takes maybe a week until all the fuss settles after delivery and all you realize is that you and that precious soul that was created by your own soul is now not within you and not connected to you physically. You may actually not remember that last kick you felt. That uncomfortable night in bed now is a memory you miss even though at the time- you couldn’t wait for this stage to be  through. I can’t speak to images marking a moment in time enough than when a mother and her child are captured together.


You’ve Never Worn Lingerie

You’d be surprised how very common this is. In fact, some women don’t bring lingerie to their shoot at all, because I have a wardrobe to swoon over and have had some many years of styling all body sizes, shapes and heights. Leave it to me and I will show you the ropes for when you are ready to buy some of your own “just because.”

You Have A Favorite Piece Of Lingerie

And it’s not going to look like that forever. One day that lacy thing is going to mysteriously change shape (blame the laundry), and you’ll want something to remember it by.


You Need A New Photo For Your Online Dating Profile

As long as you’re ready for a very busy dating life the moment you post it.

You Need Some New Wall Art.

Albums are our THE MOST  popular gift item, but it’s not uncommon to frame some photos for yourself.

It’s Your Birthday!

Put on your birthday suit and party with us. Let us help you celebrate you!!


It’s Someone Else’s Birthday!

No ones wants a watch for their birthday, trust me.

You Have A Insane Pair Of Heels Just Sitting In Your Closet

Do it for the shoes !!!


You Have Fine Lines And Wrinkles

And you worked hard for every one of them.

It’s Father’s Day!

Tools are nice, but you’re hotter.


It’s Mother’s Day!

Do you feel guilty when you step away for five minutes? We’re going to need you to set that guilt aside and spend a whole day in our studio. Don’t be shy to ask for this as a gift—or, give it to yourself.

You Just Became A Grandma!

But correct me if I’m wrong—you don’t feel like a grandma? Maybe you feel younger and more alive than ever? Maybe this baby is giving you life like you’ve never known it before? As a photographer- it is my duty to tell you that ever chapter needs to be documented. YOU ARE WORTHY!