Oklahoma and Tulsa Boudoir Studio : San Francisco Styled Shoots!

San Francisco was incredible! My good friend Denise Birdsong with  Modern Love Photography coordinated this amazing shoot day for us. She also did an impeccable job styling our clients. I literally shot a thousand images! I can't wait to finish editing all of them. I always learn new things when I shoot with others!

As you may have noticed these image are incredibly evocative. I absolutely love this style of shooting. I specifically coached for this confident look.

While many of my clients choose a very sensual session like this, I very rarely get to share that with you here. It makes me so happy to finally be able to show it off! Special thanks to these gorgeous clients for being so brave.

For those of you who are not ready for this much sexy, don't worry! Your shoot will always remain at YOUR comfort level. We have sessions that are right for everybody!

Book your session today and give him something he really wants!

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Oklahoma and Tulsa Boudoir Photographer : Black Lace

On Sonia's first shoot she was nervous! Who wouldn't be? You are about to try and look sexy in front of a complete stranger. After we talked and began our shoot I saw how completely incredible she was. Gorgeous dark eyes peering out from her perfectly styled dark brown hair! She only wanted to do the the small session the first time around, and she totally rocked it. 

Something changed though, the second time she visited. A little over a year later she came to shoot with me and during our pre-session talk she let me know how much the last session truly impacted her, and how she was ready to be completely vulnerable, ready to let go and not let anxiety steal her joy.

The result was crazy beautiful!

I added a link to a downloadable wall art print that fit Sonia's session perfectly. I think we'll be adding it to the studio gallery wall as well. 

Be sure to check out Sonia's boudoir session clip below.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Lingerie : Shop H&M

Outfits. That's the one thing everyone worries the most about! Funny, because its the one thing our photographers are concerned the least about. We want your outfit to accentuate you! H&M is great for a gal on a budget! Here are a few looks I love.

I love for your session to tell a story, bring clothing elements to incorporate. Here I've pieced together a lingerie look with a button up cardigan and a sexy black mini skirt. I know this look will be perfect on a client lounged across our black couch with the sweater unbuttoned and the skirt ruched up. 

During the session we can work our way out of layers ending in just the sexy lingerie set, or maybe a white bed sheet. 

I came across this look by accident. I was originally searching for a lace kimono when I happened onto this brocade blazer with white piping. It is reminiscent of a man's night robe and that idea made it all the sexier. Wear this all tied up with something white underneath. This would also make for a unique bridal look.