5 tips to Prep for your Boudoir shoot

Hey guys! So, you've finally taken the leap and booked a boudoir session, WOOHOO... or you are considering it.. (come on you can do it) but wait, now what?

Don't worry ladies, once you've booked your date you'll get an prep guide to help prepare you for your experience so you're not feeling lost, but I wanted to share our top 5 tips with you all! This is obviously geared towards an individual women's session. If you have booked a couples session, it may be a little different, BUT you get the point ;)


Literally, take a breath and calm down! You're probably feeling nervous, excited, scared or intimidated but I promise you you're in the right hands! On the day of your session it's just your job to show up and relax. When you walk into the door you're getting pampered until the second you leave. It's not your job to take a good photo it is ours, pose or do anything other than follow our simple directions and come with an opened mind. We will take care of the rest. We can sip on a mimosa while you're getting hair and makeup done and after that, we got you girl 



All of our sessions include amazing hair and make up sessions or have the ability to add it on. TRUST ME YOU WON’T REGRET IT. It's super important to come with clean, dry, straight hair AND a clean, moisturized face. The makeup artist will be ready to go once you've arrived so having these two things done will make the process go smoothly! When moisturizing your face it's important to use a product that does NOT contain oil, as that causes the makeup to slip off and not stay in place. As for hair it's so important to have your hair DRY and straight. It doesn't have to be completely straight with a flat iron, but cleaned either the night before or morning of and blow dried completely. If you have naturally curly hair that you would like to keep curly, just let us know ahead of time and we'll just run some fresh curls through your hair if you'd like! Make sure to have your hair cut/colored 2-4 days before your session, if that is something you prefer. Our artist are here to dry style your hair.


Any other hair concerns, please just let us know before you arrive so I can make sure the artist is prepared! 


As most of you know we have a lingerie client closet, We encourage client’s to bring 1-2 outfits that they know fit them well as we can’t guarantee all sizing.. shopping for this is part of the fun and hey you can even wear the outfit again when you hand your special someone the gift… Just make sure to try on the pieces to make sure they fit well. We suggest bringing a variety of your own bottoms and 1-2 good fitting bras so we have something to work with. We will can also have some pieces of lingerie pulled for you from our collection if you'd wish to go that route.











The morning of, please don't wear any tight fitting clothes. Come without a bra/undies if you can. They will leave a red impression on your skin that does not photograph well. Come in a button down shirt or easy pull-off dress to make things easier. We know it feels weird leaving the house "naked" underneath and no face make up but it will all be fine


5. STREEEEEETCH (and hydrate)

Seriously, stretch before and after your session. You are basically doing boudoir yoga and holding poses longer than you would normally hold them. Also you'll be sitting, bending, kneeling and arching for a couple minutes while we get various shots, so please make sure you are ready to go! TRUST US.. A LITTLE YOGA WITH ADRIENE BEFORE YOUR SESSION AND YOU WILL BE SET. Also, HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Plenty of water will make a world of difference on your skin.


Oklahoma and Tulsa Boudoir Studio : San Francisco Styled Shoots!

San Francisco was incredible! My good friend Denise Birdsong with  Modern Love Photography coordinated this amazing shoot day for us. She also did an impeccable job styling our clients. I literally shot a thousand images! I can't wait to finish editing all of them. I always learn new things when I shoot with others!

As you may have noticed these image are incredibly evocative. I absolutely love this style of shooting. I specifically coached for this confident look.

While many of my clients choose a very sensual session like this, I very rarely get to share that with you here. It makes me so happy to finally be able to show it off! Special thanks to these gorgeous clients for being so brave.

For those of you who are not ready for this much sexy, don't worry! Your shoot will always remain at YOUR comfort level. We have sessions that are right for everybody!

Book your session today and give him something he really wants!

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