Get Your Pose On!

Before each session begins, I sit down with my client for "the talk" as I call it. No, not birds and bees obviously! We talk about posing. I explain how posing can manipulate and contort the body for the most pleasing effects. I also tell my client that it can be strenuous and awkward, but if she can trust me the results will be phenomenal.

It might feel like this though...

Btw check out Taylor's tumblr she is hilarious

Btw check out Taylor's tumblr she is hilarious

Boudoir posing is the single most important part of a shoot. If the pose is lacking then there is very little left to fill the void. Posing can give you more curves, or seamlessly reduce them. Still images can't talk, they can only tell a story through body language. Our photographers know hundreds of poses for every body type imaginable. 

What message do you want to send?

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Bath House Boudoir

Outfit....everyone is worried about the outfit. When a client tells me her concerns about her ensemble I always laugh and say "I literally could shoot you in a bath towel and you will look great!"

When miss Olivia arrived in the studio we did just that! She is so beautiful and as soon as I saw her I asked her if I could do this towel series. I'm sure she thought I was crazy, here she comes for a glamorous photo shoot and I just want to shoot her with no makeup and wrapped up in a white towel! Luckily she humored me and the resulting images are nothing short of breath taking. 

Thank you for being so gorgeous and up for anything!

Of course we got glammed up for a few more :)

Boudoir Photo Shoot Lingerie : Shop H&M

Outfits. That's the one thing everyone worries the most about! Funny, because its the one thing our photographers are concerned the least about. We want your outfit to accentuate you! H&M is great for a gal on a budget! Here are a few looks I love.

I love for your session to tell a story, bring clothing elements to incorporate. Here I've pieced together a lingerie look with a button up cardigan and a sexy black mini skirt. I know this look will be perfect on a client lounged across our black couch with the sweater unbuttoned and the skirt ruched up. 

During the session we can work our way out of layers ending in just the sexy lingerie set, or maybe a white bed sheet. 

I came across this look by accident. I was originally searching for a lace kimono when I happened onto this brocade blazer with white piping. It is reminiscent of a man's night robe and that idea made it all the sexier. Wear this all tied up with something white underneath. This would also make for a unique bridal look.