Get Your Pose On!

Before each session begins, I sit down with my client for "the talk" as I call it. No, not birds and bees obviously! We talk about posing. I explain how posing can manipulate and contort the body for the most pleasing effects. I also tell my client that it can be strenuous and awkward, but if she can trust me the results will be phenomenal.

It might feel like this though...

Btw check out Taylor's tumblr she is hilarious

Btw check out Taylor's tumblr she is hilarious

Boudoir posing is the single most important part of a shoot. If the pose is lacking then there is very little left to fill the void. Posing can give you more curves, or seamlessly reduce them. Still images can't talk, they can only tell a story through body language. Our photographers know hundreds of poses for every body type imaginable. 

What message do you want to send?

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