"he made me realize something I hadn’t before" Natasha's Gift Giving experience

To say that we like our jobs is an understatement! We  ABSOLUTELY LOVE our jobs! We are blessed with the ability to show women daily how beautiful they are inside and out.  We love hearing back after a client has gifted their images to their special someone about how much they loved them. Miss Natasha was our 2015 Confidence Ambassador and while we got to shoot with her quite a bit these images are from our first time working together and she gifted her boyfriend some of these images and she wanted to share with you some words regarding her experience shooting with us as well as  how seeing her boyfriend react to the photos made the session even more special!!! 

I remember my very first shoot with Adoralee. Although I believe all women are beautiful and that we should embrace our bodies, I was still pretty nervous about being nearly naked in front of a camera. I am a quirky, sort of “awkward” person; being conventionally sexy isn’t something I was sure I could pull off. When I came in for my session, the ladies were absolutely phenomenal. Lacy talked me through posing and told me exactly what to expect. She made me feel beautiful and comfortable the entire time, taking everything step-by-step so there were no surprises during shooting. The surprise came later, when I gave the photos to my boyfriend. I loved the images very much, but he made me realize something I hadn’t before: not only were they absolutely beautiful, but my unique traits and personality came through in them as well. He saw the faces I made when I was feeling particularly sassy, was deep in thought, and my flirtatious half-smile that he’s seen a million times—and that made him love them even more. This was a gift that no one else could provide. I am so grateful for this experience and the wonderful ladies at Adoralee!


XO Natasha