A dresser full and nothing to wear..

 One of the most fun parts of doing a boudoir session is shopping for great lingerie to wear to your session!  Beautiful lingerie comes from everywhere, and can run from inexpensive into the hundreds or even thousands.  Lingerie is not required for a boudoir session by any means – we can easily shoot an entire session in one nice bra/panty set, a pencil skirt and unbuttoned dress shirt even a beautiful cocktail dress,  the outfit ideas are ENDLESS – 

 One of my favorite sources for boudoir session attire is Asos .  They are primarily a clothing store but, such a great source of sexy lingerie, they have a lot of pieces that make for some amazing and unique outfits.  We have several pieces in our client closet.  Check this adorable Asos cheetah print set that this client brought we paired it with one of our light pink cardigans and she love the pairing! 

For traditional lingerie at a reasonable price, the most well-known sources are of course Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood.  Although they have stores in most malls, the best selection of their collections can be found online. Below you will find a list of some other reasonably priced options online.  








Hosiery is always a great accessory to add on to any outfit. Hosiery fit is important when trying on a stocking you want to make sure that the the hosiery doesn't fold or dig into your thighs pick a set of hosiery that is 1-2 sizes bigger than what is recommended on the package. Thigh highs are made to sit right under the bottom. There are several options in hosiery to choose from if you question which to go with we suggest getting a pair with the elastic top and a set without to be safe. Always better to be prepared. 


For high end couture lingerie, there’s no better option than Agent Provacateur.  Although their pieces are pricey, they are also very well made and flattering and will hold up to regular use. Another option would be Bloomingdales, they have a specific line called The Boudoir


-When selecting lingerie, the most important thing is that YOU feel comfortable and sexy in it.  If what you’re wearing makes you feel insecure, awkward, or out of character, that will come through in the photos.  Nothing is more sexy than confidence, so the better you feel, the better you’ll look!

-Choose items that accentuate your favorite body parts and minimize your less favorite parts.  For example, if you love your chest but hate your tummy, pick a baby doll, corset, or romper.  If you love your abs but hate your butt or thighs, pick a bra, skirt, and garter set. We will always pose you to make you look your best, but a well-chosen wardrobe can be a huge help.  Also check in with your boyfriend or husband and ask him what his favorite part of you is so that we can give that area special attention.

-  Most women don’t wear the proper size bra, so before spending a lot of money on fancy lingerie, get measured and make sure you know your true size!

-Don’t use items that are too tight for your body – a size too big is much better than a size too small.

-We all love black for its sexy and slimming qualities, so pick your favorite black item and incorporate other colors to add variety to your shoot.

We hope that these tips have helped you shop and have a idea of what to shoot your session in! We promise no matter what you wear we will make you look fantastic!