Hallway Hottie

Once upon a time, Ashley and Shelby had an idea. Let’s just think about that for a minute. Its sentence’s like that that keep me up worrying at night, but it turns out this time it was a GREAT idea. Ashley and Shelby wanted to paint all of the walls in my studio black. Now, I know what you’re thinking, BLACK!?!?!?! Were they high? No, no they were not. How we found the time, I will never know, but  we spent three full days covered in paint and now my studio is even more beautiful and just to show you, we put a client in our hallway and turned it into a set! Once our other clients had finished up and left she jumped in there like the little champion she is and we made some magic. Could she be more beautiful? I guess you really can shoot a killer session anywhere. If you would like to book a session on our new black wall let us know and we can schedule your session at a time when the studio is empty and private!

Stay tuned, their next insane idea was to paint a white couch black! If it doesn't turn out we’ll make sure you all get invited to the bonfire when we burn that sucker!