Oklahoma Maternity Photographer - Baby Tinnin

I just really love it when I get to see my clients grow and change over the years. I love it even more when they become my friends. That’s how it was with Aubrey and Heath right from the beginning. I went to high school with Aubrey and Heath, but it wasn’t until they came to me to shoot their wedding in 2013 that we really became close. Aubrey brought me her pinterest board and told me all about the shots she just HAD TO HAVE at her engagement session and I knew that I would never have a client quite like her again. We blended her style with mine and ended up with amazing images! Shortly after her wedding she began working for me part time. Aubrey is a great employee and brings absolutely wonderful comedic relief to the studio just when we are beginning to get overwhelmed. Last week she came to work wearing two different earrings and had us all in tears!! It is safe to say, that she and Heath are loved so very much by all of us.

When Aubrey and Heath decided to start a family no one was more excited than we were! Being a mother to two little girls, I couldn’t wait to share all of the do’s and don’ts of motherhood and another one of my photographer’s couldn’t wait to give her all sorts of gently loved little boy things that her sweet baby was growing out of.

As Aubrey’s pregnancy has progressed we have seen a side of Heath that every man should aspire to. He could not be a more attentive and loving father to be. Right before Aubrey’s baby shower she was hurrying to get ready so they wouldn’t be late. I found myself in her “get ready room” with her curling each perfect blonde hair on her head when from the kitchen, Heath shouted, “BABE! Do you want me to pack you some snacks for the drive!?” It should be noted here that the drive from their home to the shower location was only 20 minutes. Heath didn’t want her to be hungry or uncomfortable at all. His strong will to take care of those he loves will surely make him a wonderful father.

During their special maternity session Aubrey and Heath even decided to include their beloved dogs. Both are adopted and Aubrey makes it a point to volunteer in local animal shelters as much as possible. Sometimes she even volunteers her time at the studio and donates her wages to the shelters. Many conversations have been had in recent months about how well the dogs adapt to the new addition. As soon as the bassinet was assembled Aubrey put a baby doll in it so that the dogs would get used to seeing a baby around. Both dogs have impressed everyone by being soft and gentle and there are high hopes that it will continue once baby Tinnin finally makes his debut. If anyone were to question Aubrey’s parenting ablility, may they look no further than to her two sweet pooches. She is already a great mom and will only become more so in the months and years to come. We are so excited to see the Tinnin family keep growing! Congratulations Heath and Aubrey, you’re going to do great!!

P.S. Don’t call me in the middle of the night when he won’t stop crying. That’s what grandparents are for.

If you would like to donate to a cause that is near and dear to the Tinnin family heart, please consider the Midwest City Animal Shelter or the Forever Yours Dog Rescue. They have adopted both of their sweet boys and are very active in supporting local adoption. 


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