Oklahoma Boudoir Studio: Rainy Day Blues

If you are local to Oklahoma you are aware of the ever changing bipolar OKLAHOMA WEATHER.. This Month we have gone from Cold weather to nice beautiful weather, back to cold weather, then to beautiful days spent outside then to ICE ohhhhhh the ice. We were shut down in Norman for 2 days because of the ice, then to rain and then gorgeous weather and now today it is non stop rain. 

I don't know about you but all these weather changes make me want to do nothing but crawl in bed, sip coffee and binge Netflix all day.  Thankful we have beautiful clients to snap us out of these rainy day blues 

We made it through Valentine's even battling both Studio's photographers getting the Flu. We made it through the Iceageddon and now we are ready for the summer. WHO'S WITH US?