This Girl

Some people come into your life and change things forever. You can't remember a time without them. You feel like they've always been there. That's my Ashley. My friend, supporter, partner in crime, and my work wife. 

Ashley came to work at AdoraLee 4 years ago, since then she has touched the lives of hundreds of clients giving them the confidence and courage to feel beautiful! She reigns as supreme studio manager and principal photographer, keeping us all in check, and making sure I remember the important stuff. Things wouldn't be the the same without her.

Besides being an amazing photographer and friend, we also share the same faith. A special bond between us from the beginning. We know it was Divine Providence that brought us together and sealed our success. I love her like a sister and wouldn't trade anything for her.

Periodically we do our own shoots. When we need a pick me up, or to practice a new skill. I'm so lucky to have such beautiful employees to practice on right?