Oklahoma Boudoir Studio: Mrs Jennifer


In 2015, I found AdoraLee because I was trying to give my husband a fun and creative wedding gift. I arrived to the photo shoot nervous and a little scared because I thought I didn't photograph well. As the hair and makeup artist did her work, I started feeling beautiful and more confident. During the photo shoot session, the photographer taught me how to position my body in several different poses. She made me more comfortable in my own skin and encouraged me throughout the session. As an all women's staff, they made sure I was having fun and felt safe throughout the experience.


When I saw the photos after the session, I cried tears of joy! As the photos were revealed to me, I was shocked to see how good I looked. All my life I was told I could never model because I'm fat and don't photograph well.I have had a passion for modeling since I was a little girl. I watched America's Next Top Model and practiced poses in the mirror, but I never pursued it because I was discouraged a life in modeling. Thankfully, the industry is changing, and body positivity is becoming socially acceptable.


After my 2015 photoshoot, I had a battle with cancer which halted my modeling aspirations. Thankfully I am now in remission, and could finally pursue a plus size modeling career again! So when a model call appeared on AdoraLee's Instagram feed, I knew I wanted to work with them again.


I am so grateful and humbled by the work of AdoraLee's staff. They helped me discover a part of myself that I never knew existed within me. They are always positive and work hard to make sure they get your best angles. You won't have a single bad picture!  AdoraLee is a must have life experience regardless of age or modeling experience!