Confidence Ambassador 2016

What is a Confidence Ambassador you ask? She is a sexy, confident, charismatic woman who believes in spreading self-esteem to other women in a BIG way. She must be willing to be vulnerable and let other women join her on her super special Adoralee journey so that they too may know that it is OK to love the woman in the mirror staring back at her. 



I know that so many of you are getting fired up already and are DYING to know what it takes to be our girl. Our confidence ambassador will receive FOUR shoots during her year long reign to show her fans what an impact boudoir can make in a woman’s life, but that’s not all! There are so many perks we just had to make a list!

1.       FOUR Boudoir shoots a year!

2.       Custom wardrobe and Adoralee styling.

3.       Professional hair and makeup for all shoots.

4.       ALL DIGITAL IMAGES from her photoshoots

5.       10 page mini brag book to show off!

6.       Adoralee gift cards to give away to friends and family!

So, what do you have to do to get all of those perks?? All you have to do is help us spread our message to the woman in our community and to the women of the world! You will help us do that by:

1.       Signing a model release so we can share your images with fans!

2.       Attend 2 Adoralee functions or bridal fairs to talk about your experience!

3.       Quarterly guest blogging interviews with an Adoralee team member!

4.       4 Video interviews so that your fans can connect with your journey!

5.       Make sure to tell every woman that she is beautiful and she is enough. Just the way she is… 

We are so excited to get your entries right away, so don’t hesitate to apply! Here is what you must do to enter!

APPLY to participate in our CURRENT model call by emailing 2-4 photos of yourself and a brief explanation of why you think you would be a good fit to be our CONFIDENCE AMBASSADOR for 2016 to AND schedule your model call shoot by June 15th  We will be choosing our new ambassador on JUNE 30TH!! No modeling experience necessary!