Oklahoma Boudoir Photographer- She BANGS! She BANGS!

Not long before Ricky Martin's hit She Bangs was released...I also lusted after Bangs.

It all started in 1998, when I met the most beautiful and popular girl in school, Brandy. Besides being captain of the Junior Varsity Cheer Squad, she had long blonde hair and barrel bangs. I wanted those bangs so bad! I even tried it, but because of my widows peak they kept flopping to the side. Like all 12 year olds with popularity obsessions, I was heartbroken and resolved to never have bangs.

Flash forward 16 years and I’m standing in the makeup room of the studio with scissors and a fist full of hair.

Did I mention I had an audience? Shelby pleaded with me to stop the madness, and Ashley was content to watch the crazy unfold. I felt pretty confident after watching some YouTube tutorials. Afterward I quickly realized I needed help….professional help!

Drea to the rescue! This girl saved my hair and made me look amazing.

What’s the verdict on the bangs? I’m just not sure yet. I like them a lot. It’s fresh, fun, and cute. Which are adjectives that have never been used to describe me. My family isn’t as excited about them and the people pleaser in me wants to grow them out immediately. Oh well, guess they’ll just have to get used to it.

A dark smoky eye with fringe bangs can be crazy sexy. Wanna try it for your shoot? Step away from the scissors and try these clip-on bangs from Ulta for your boudoir shoot.

Our hair and makeup artists can style them for you!

Our hair and makeup artists can style them for you!