Oklahoma Boudoir Photographer: Very Merry Boudoir Christmas

It’s that time of year again ladies! Christmas trees are out at stores and there are only 13 WEEKS for our shooting deadline of December 20th. If you shoot on or before this date you will be guaranteed to get your products back by Christmas. There really isn’t anything better to give to the one you love the most than something that they could never buy for themselves. This year we have not 1 but 2 fantastic options!  



  Included: *Professional Hair and Makeup Service to include lash application *30 min of Shooting with our Master Photographer *1 Wardrobe Look *5 Fully Retouched Digital Images with Reprint Rights (additional 30 mins shooting time & outfit change available upgrade the day of service)  Lots of other products to choose from for upgrades!




*Professional Hair and Makeup Service to include lash application *30 min of Shooting with our Master Photographer *1 Wardrobe Look *10 page Fully Retouched Little Black Book(additional 30 mins shooting time & outfit change available upgrade the day of service) Lots of other products to choose from for upgrades!






Oklahoma Boudoir Photographer: NEW LOCATION NORMAN

We are sure most of you have seen by now that our Norman team said a sad, yet excited goodbye to our beloved 517 West Gray address.  For 8 years 517 was our home away from home. It is where most of our girls stepped into a love of shooting boudoir, but with all things comes a season of change. So we packed up some of our favorite things and moved into a quiet cozy loft setting down on Main Street. 

The loft provides a cozy more intimate feeling and we are loving it!  Check out our New loft location in the video below. Hope to see you ladies in their soon. 


Oklahoma Boudoir Photographer: Today was the best day

Yesterday our Tulsa team had an amazing testimony given by a client. Both client and photographer were moved to tears during the session viewing. Our Clients truly are the best. Read her words for yourself and let them encourage you to book today! 

Today was one of the best days of my life. I left my photo shoot empowered and full of self love, something I haven't felt in years! I can't recommend enough that every woman do this at least once in their lives. My husband was shocked beyond words and started tearing up at the slideshow! 
Prices were amazing and the studio was beautifully and professionally decorated and equipped with multiple furniture and themed space options within 2 separate private rooms with lighting equipment that made me feel welcome, comfortable and frankly like a queen! 

Amber did my hair and make-up and she made me feel so glamorous and at ease even though I was so nervous. She greeted me with a smile and was not only professional but genuinely friendly and helped me get out of my shell from the get go with kind conversation. She brought out my best features and successfully covered my acne and made my hair look red carpet ready. Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Amber! 

Alisa was my photographer and she blew my expectations out of the park! I will definitely return for more. She started our session with a tour of the rooms and then helped me pick out my outfits, she asked what parts of my body I liked and what areas I would like to work around. She not only made me feel comfortable in my own skin but down right sexy and stunning! She posed for me before helping me into the pose and then effortlessly repositioned me as we went on. She had a natural eye for keeping my insecurities camouflaged as every pose was made around my curves. She complimented and encouraged me along the way, reminded me to breathe and kept me hydrated. She showed me photos along the way to remind me that the foreign feeling poses were not only working but perfect, I appreciated that a lot. I thanked her close to a hundred times but that is still not enough for what she did for me. 

Overall this was a 10/10 experience and I left with happy tears! This was the perfect way to gain back confidence from years of self judgement. Anyone who is considering this but thinks themselves too shy, too this that and the other, I encourage you to come as you are and trust in these women to bring out everything that you may of neglected or forgotten about. If this 250 pound girl can do it and leave feeling like a super model than you can too. 
Thank you again, AdoraLee! 
Shelby H.